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In this week’s post, I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes journey of my partnership with Highlights for Children as their product team’s Senior Packaging Design Consultant. The Client: Highlights for Children educational kid’s products Highlights for Children is a company that has “helped create joyful childhoods across the globe over the last 75 years”. Starting in 1946 […]

Packaging Design for Highlights Products

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Aerthen is a conceptual cruelty-free and organic skincare brand that focuses on full-body hydration and health. They aim to help other customers properly take care of their skin by using high-quality, natural ingredients. Here’s the branding and Packaging design that brought this brand to life.

Packaging & Branding for an Organic Skincare Brand

Cream product box and sticker packaging design

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The WildHive Client: Pot & Spade Pot & Spade is an online landscape design business that works to transform outdoor spaces into places people can enjoy. They strive to curate spaces that make spending time outdoors easy, enjoyable, and a beautiful experience. See how we explored a rejected concept from this project and turned it […]

Packaging & Brand Design for a Landscape Design Business

Purple recyclable mailer box and tissue paper packaging design with rubber stamp

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In this post, I’m walking you through 5 website tips to increase your holiday sales this season! If you’re looking for more tips on how to prep for increased holiday sales this season in other areas of your brand, check out last week’s blog post, “5 Steps to Increase Sales this Holiday Season.” Tip 1: […]

5 Website Tips for More Holiday Sales

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In this post, I’m walking you through 5 steps you can take to increase sales this holiday season. A.k.a this is an eCommerce Holiday Prep Checklist and I recommend getting started right away! Step 1: Increase Sales with Branding I’ll keep this one brief because many of you who read this will have already checked […]

 5 Steps to Increase Sales this Holiday Season

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One thing I love to do as a packaging designer is to take a good, close look at the products around me. Every time I order something new online, I pay attention to their customer experience, email sequences, and, of course, the unboxing experience when it arrives at my home. So this week, I’m sharing […]

3 Tips from Curology’s Skincare Packaging

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If you’re new to the eCommerce world, I’m sure you’ve started to realize just how many things go into getting an eCommerce brand off the ground. As a service provider, I don’t envy the many moving parts you have to coordinate between design, marketing, analysis, selling, and shipping your products. Needless to say, it can […]

3 Simple Packaging Design Tips for Beginners

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If you’re an eCommerce business looking at direct and aspirational competitors on Instagram and wondering how their brand is so successful, then this is the blog post for you. This week I’m showing you 3 popular tea brands with wildly different packaging and price points to illustrate how packaging impacts sales.  So brew your fav […]

3 Tea Brands that Prove how Packaging Impacts Sales

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Beginners guide to sustainable, circular packaging for product-based businesses.

A beginner’s guide to circular packaging!

red mailer box with cream and gold packaging tape design

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The WildHive Client: Studio Mash is a brand strategy and copywriting studio for purpose-driven businesses, owned by Mashia Stilt. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mashia on previous projects so I jumped at the opportunity to work with such a wonderful creative on her own brand and website refresh. In this post, I’m breaking […]

Design for a Humanistic Copywriting Studio

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The WildHive Client: Catherine Norwood is a Colorado-based photographer for brands and couples. But when she came to me last year looking for a rebrand, she was in the middle of a big transition from being based in Kansas City to being based in Denver, Colorado. As a photographer with a lot of local connections, […]

Strategic Branding for a Colorado Photographer

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The key to creating a high-converting packaging design experience is focusing on 3 things — being memorable, emotional, and shareable.

3 Must-haves for High-Converting Packaging Design

Mailer box design and thank you cards with purple painted texture
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