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Aerthen is a conceptual cruelty-free and organic skincare brand that focuses on full-body hydration and health. They aim to help other customers properly take care of their skin by using high-quality, natural ingredients. Here’s the branding and Packaging design that brought this brand to life.

Packaging & Branding for an Organic Skincare Brand

Cream product box and sticker packaging design

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The WildHive Client Pot & Spade is an online landscape design business that works to transform outdoor spaces into places people can enjoy. They strive to curate spaces that make spending time outdoors easy, enjoyable, and a beautiful experience. See how we explored a rejected concept from this project and turned it into a captivating […]

Packaging and Brand Design for Pot & Spade

Purple recyclable mailer box and tissue paper packaging design with rubber stamp

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In this post, I’ll be covering the basics of email marketing and 10 eCommerce opt-in ideas so you can start growing your list of email subscribers. It’s no secret these days that Instagram has been getting on every business owner’s nerves. The changes have made your old ways of marketing less effective and it feels […]

10 eCommerce Opt-in Ideas to Increase Subscribers

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In this post I’ll be covering the basics of email marketing and 15 eCommerce newsletter ideas so you can start increasing your sales.

15 eCommerce Newsletter Ideas to Increase Sales!

Whitney sitting at table working on her laptop

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At WildHive Studio, we specialize in strategic packaging because we understand the impact that it can have on your sales. So we’ve gathered our top 3 e-commerce packaging trends as inspiration and outlined key packaging tips to help you get started on your brand’s unboxing experience simply and effectively. But first . . . what […]

Our Top 3 Packaging Trends for E-Commerce Brands

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Before the pandemic hit, I was and had been working as a designer for Justice, a tween girl’s clothing and accessories brand. I worked with Justice on a variety of creative teams for 3 years doing anything from print design to apparel graphics and from product development to packaging design. While I did spend time […]

3 Things I Learned as a Designer for Justice

Justice beauty Product label and packaging design

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The WildHive Client: Madeline Levin is the founder of The Galup Method, an equine-assisted therapy program for teen girls focused on building confidence and forming the mental tools necessary to conquer life’s challenges. She wanted to share her passion with the world and let her audience know that there is a proven method to instill […]

Behind the Design: The GalUp Method, a Therapy Program

Instagram profile feed design

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The WildHive Client: Tristyn Sipsy is one of the kindest and most considerate people you will ever meet! After our first Zoom meeting, I not only knew that WildHive Studio and Sipsy Ink Copywriting would be a great team, but I knew I wanted to personally work with her! Her great sense of humor and […]

Behind the Design: Sipsy Ink Copywriting

Brand board showing logos, inspiration, and color palette

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Belinda and Riddhi are two sisters from Indore with one unrelenting dream that took the form as Belsi’s Jewelry. The idea for Belsi’s first took shape in 2010, after realizing there’s a huge gap in affordable and authentic IndoWestern jewelry. Coming from a big Indian family of five sisters, jewelry always had a significant role […]

Behind the Design: Belsi’s Jewelry

Responsive website design shown on desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone

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The WildHive Client Aaisha Khokhar Smiley reached out to us with her business dream back in November of 2020. She told us everything she wished existed in the beauty industry and we quickly realized her growing passion to specifically change the nail care industry for the better. At the time, Aaisha was working with a […]

Packaging, Brand, and Web Design for Khokhar

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The WildHive Client OZEL is a conceptual vintage rug boutique known for its eclectic collection of bold and bright rugs. Here’s a look behind the scenes at the strategic packaging and brand design created for their business. The Challenge OZEL’s founder is a seasoned business owner who’s owned a local brick-and-mortar boutique for a few […]

Behind the Design: Packaging & Brand Design for Ozel Rug Boutique

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